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Body contouring


The skin of the abdomen is stretched by pregnancy or weight gain. Following childbirth or significant loss of weight the stretched skin becomes lax and overhangs the pubic area. No amount of diet and exercise can overcome laxity of skin especially if it has stretch marks. In this situation the excess skin and fat has to be removed by surgery.

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Arm Reduction

Arm reduction is a procedure for removal of excess skin and fat from the inside of the upper arm. This is usually carried out in patients who have saggy skin.

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Labial Reduction

The labia minora (inner lips of the vagina) differ in size and shape. Patients may find very large labia physically uncomfortable or aesthetically displeasing.

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Thigh Reduction

Patients request this procedure for the treatment of excessive skin on the inner aspect of their thighs.

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I first saw my ‘flat tummy’ and slimmer arms and legs early evening today and ‘wow’ I couldn’t believe it was me. Even the pressure garments were lovely.


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